Cookies Policy


A cookie is a text file that is usually placed in the browser of a global website user’s computer to improve the performance of that website. A cookie stored on a user’s device allows the user’s activities on the website to be identified. This may be necessary for different purposes.


When visiting this website, cookies are placed in the user’s device for the security of the web site's operation, customer service, traffic statistics, as well as for the more convenient provision of usage functions, observing the personal data protection regulations. The controller uses cookies on the website to provide functionality and improve the efficiency of the website.


The Controller does not use cookies to track any user habits, so the Controller informs you about the use of cookies but does not require the user’s consent to the use of cookies.

Any information obtained through the cookies on the Cookie website is stored only until the expiration of the cookies and is not used for other purposes.

The controller will not pass on the information obtained about users to third parties.


The Controller’s website is linked to Google Analytics, which the Controller uses to get an idea of ​​how you are using the Controller’s website and to improve the delivery of information to users. The Google Recaptcha Tool also uses the Manager’s page for security before submitting the data provided in the application forms.

The Google Analytics Tool is operated by Google Inc. (a US company), which has access to the statistics collected through this tool, including the user’s IP address, connection time, and other technical information. In this way, third-party (Google) cookies are placed on the user’s device.

Information about the operation of Google cookies can be obtained from the relevant Google privacy or cookie policies (a link to these documents is included in the security code banner) and the Manager is not responsible for the processing of third-party data.


You can delete cookies of your choice. A user of the Controller‘s website can delete all cookies already stored on their device and can make settings to prevent the browser from saving them. In this case, you must manually specify the option not to store cookies each time you visit the Controller‘s website. However, be warned that some services and features of the Controller‘s website may not work.

You can opt-out of Google Analytics cookies by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. This add-on contacts Google Analytics to indicate that information about a particular website visit may not be sent to Google Analytics.

You can also change your device’s browser settings to refuse new cookies, delete existing cookies, or simply notify you when new cookies are sent to your device.

If you choose to delete cookies, you should be aware that all selections on the Controller’s homepage will be lost. If you block cookies altogether, many websites (not just the Controller's website) will not work properly. Therefore, the Controller recommends that you do not disable the cookie feature.

Changes to Cookie Policy

This is the version of the Cookie Policy document No.2020/ 07.

The controller has the right to change this policy and the changes will be published on this website.